What pickup style should I choose?

We created 3 different flavors of pickup styles, since there's no one size fits all.  Read below to get a better idea which one you should choose.

  • Come Anytime (Contactless) - A person can pick up the item outside without any messaging.  If you post your item like this, please make sure to set it outside right away so that folks can find it and retrieve it easily.  You may not get any notice before a pickup, so don't wait to set it outside.  Leave good instructions in your pickup location so it's clear where the person should look. Learn more about Come Anytime pickups here.
  • Plan Ahead (Scheduled) - If you can't leave the item outside, or you just want to know when someone is coming by to get it, use this option.  The app will help you schedule a time with folks without a lot of texting and talking.  Once you lock down a time window with someone, you can message each other in the app for more details.  The latest version of the app uses in-app messaging, so your personal contact information is never shared. Learn more about Plan Ahead pickups here.
  • Free Pile (Contactless) - This is another contactless pickup, but more loosey-goosey than Come Anytime.  If you're setting 20 different things on the side of the road and you want to be lazy, this is a good option.  We'll let anyone come by and pick stuff up, and we'll only remove the post once you or someone else indicate that everything is gone.  Also good for getting rid of giant piles of wood chips, for example. Learn more about Free Pile pickups here.

Some more information, in case you're interested:

  • We'll generally tell you when stuff is getting picked up, but you won't get a notification for everything.  We don't want to bother you every time someone cancels a pickup for your Free Pile, for example.
  • When you post something as Come Anytime, only one person can pick it up.  Once someone creates a pickup, that item will be locked out (pending pickup) but still visible in the feed during the pickup window.  Pickup windows are 2 hours by default, but folks have the option to pay to extend their pickup window.  If someone cancels their pickup, we'll make the item available again in the feed, but you won't necessarily get a notification when this happens.  You also won't get a notification if multiple pickups are created the same day for your item (we don't want to annoy you).
  • When you post something as Plan Ahead, you'll have more control and notice about what is happening with your item.  For starters, you'll know who is coming to get it and when.  Once a Plan Ahead item is live, people can send you Pickup Requests with their available time slots.  You can approve one time slot for one person, after which point you'll be able to message that person with our in-app messaging service (if you need to).
  • In-app messaging is only available for Plan Ahead items, and only after a pickup request has been approved.  There is no way to message the other party for Free Pile and Come Anytime posts.
  • There's a lot of inner-workings in the app that are generally out of sight to you, all in an attempt to make getting things and getting rid of things much easier.  That said, we won't get it right every time, and it's impossible to cover every use case.  Also, sometimes people push the wrong button.  Feel free to use the app as it works best for you, and let us know if you think we can make it better!
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