What is a Plan Ahead (Scheduled) pickup?

Plan Ahead means that the person posting the item needs to be home during the pickup.  This means that the two parties need to agree on a time when the pickup will happen.  The app will handle the scheduling part.  Once the two parties agree on a time in the app, the pickup will begin just as a normal pickup once the agreed on time window starts.

When you should post something as Plan Ahead:

  • if the item is inside your house, or behind a gate, or in a location where a person would not be able to access by themselves
  • if the item is particularly heavy or large and you want to be home to help them load it up
  • if you aren't comfortable with someone picking up the item from your front porch while you're not home

What you should expect when picking up an item that is listed as Plan Ahead:

  • the person listing the item will likely be home when you arrive to pickup the item
  • you should knock on the door when you arrive, or ring the bell, or message the person in the app to let them know you're there
  • don't try to find the item or take it without first making contact with the poster

Plan Ahead posts work great for people in apartment buildings, or for items that might get wet or damaged if placed outside in the open.

To learn about other Freeya pickup styles, check out this article.

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