What is a Free Pile pickup?

Free Pile means that Freeya will not try to manage the pickup of the item as strictly as other posts.  Maybe the item is being set on the side of the road on a busy street, and random people may see it and pick it up before a Freeya user has a chance to get to it.  Maybe it's a giant pile of wood chips, and several people will actually need to pick it up before it's all gone.  Free-for-all posts are not exclusive, meaning that many people may register to pick up an item at a free-for-all location.  Some of them may show up to find that the item is already gone :(

When a post should be considered a Free Pile:

  • when it's on a public right of way in a high traffic area
  • when you're arranging for pickups outside of the app, and you might forget to mark it as 'no longer available' in Freeya
  • when multiple people may need to come and pick it up, for example, a giant pile of wood chips, gravel, sand, a pile of bricks...

What you should expect when picking something up at a Free Pile location:

  • the item might not be there when you get there (please mark it as 'unavailable' so that other folks don't have to make the trip)
  • the person posting the item may not be the person who left it out (someone walking by noticed it on the sidewalk and posted it on Freeya)

Free Piles are less reliable for picker-uppers than other posts, but it's a little more fun and spontaneous, and it works really well for traditional free piles like the ones you might be used to seeing on the side of the road in your neighborhood.

To learn about our other styles of pickups, check out this article.

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