What is a Come Anytime (Contactless) pickup?

Here's what you should know about Come Anytime pickups:

When posting the item:

  • Take a picture of the item in the app.  You can do this in your house, or you can take a picture of the item in the actual pickup location (better).
  • Complete the post in the app, and make sure you get the 'post successful' message alert.
  • Place the item on your property in a location where the person will be able to find it easily.  Make sure your pickup location instructions match the place where you put the item.
  • Make sure the item is visible and accessible without having to go inside your house, or through a locked gate or into a backyard.  It should be in a location where your mail carrier, fedex driver or food delivery driver would feel comfortable accessing.

When picking up an item:

  • In the post detail view, click the 'Pickup' button to initiate a pickup for the item.  This will start a 2 hour window in which you may pickup the item (unless you have opted to extend the pickup window if that feature is available)
  • If you can't pickup the item in the next 2 hours (or within your pickup window) cancel the pickup, and save the item to your 'saved items' instead.  You can initiate a pickup once you're ready.
  • Pickups are exclusive, which means, once you have a pickup scheduled, you will be the only person coming to pick up this item.  You're special! :). If you change your mind or have a change of plans, just cancel the pickup in the app, and we'll let other people know it's available again.
  • When arriving at your destination, make sure to have your phone in your hand with the app open.  Review the pickup instructions before walking onto the property.
  • If someone asks what you're doing, show them the app and let them know you're making a Freeya pickup
  • If you don't see the item in the location described, do not try to find the item on the property by walking around.  You can message support via the app by reporting a problem, message the poster (if this feature is available), or leave the property and mark the item as 'unavailable'.

To learn about other Freeya pickup styles, check out this article.

*Freeya makes a best effort to make items easy to exchange by making them available for easy pickup.  Things don't always work out.  You may show up at a location and the item is gone, or you can't find it.  Please let us know when this happens and we'll reach out to the poster, or provide feedback to them to try and prevent it happening in the future.  This is something we'll be continuously working on and trying to improve as the app evolves.

We appreciate your patience and your Freeya attitude!

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