Freeya Pro Membership

Pro Membership gives you added features in the app, and is also a great way to support the Freeya business.  If you love what Freeya is doing for your community, consider becoming a member!

As a member, you'll get the following features in the app:

  • An extra hour for standard pickups (3 instead of 2)
  • Simultaneous pickups (default is only 1 pickup at a time)
  • Advanced feed filtering and sorting options
  • Liked item alerts (when you like an item that is pending pickup, get notified if it becomes available again)
  • Early search alerts (get notified 30 minutes before non-members when something you're looking for shows up)
  • Multiple search alerts (up to 25, default is only 1 active search alert)
  • Broad category search alerts (set up alerts for an entire category of items)

Additionally, if you purchase the annual membership, we'll give you $59.99 to spend in the Freeya store! Choose from tote bags, hats, shirts and more!  Lots of gear to help you spruce up your Freeya pickup box and promote your favorite free marketplace brand!

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