Can I pick up an item without the person being there?

Yes!  That is the whole point of Freeya.  Most items posted on Freeya are contactless pickup, which means they have been left outside in an area that is easy to access, and you have permission from the person posting to come and take the item without them being home or without giving them notice ahead of time.

When picking up an item you must mark the item as 'picked up' in the app as soon as you retrieve the item.  Forgetting to mark the item as picked up will lower your Freeya trust points score and is generally a big 'no-no'.  If for some reason you were not able to pick up the item, or you decided not to take it for some reason, you should note this in your pickup checkout screen as soon as you are able to so that other users may come and get the item, or we can notify the poster of the item in case of an issue.
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